The Serets

The Inn of the Five Graces is the inspired creation of designers Ira and Sylvia Seret.  Its unique atmosphere reflects the Serets’ many years of life and work with artisans in Afghanistan and Central Asia, beginning in 1968. For over forty years they have worked in the design world, developing their signature East-Meets-West style.  They maintain close relationships with artisans far and near to create the one-of-a-kind collection showcased at their store, Seret & Sons. The Serets’ distinctive style is internationally renowned; they continually design and supply projects around the world. Their creative style combines local southwestern design with an extraordinary collection of antique furniture, textiles, carpets, and architectural elements from countries along the Silk Road.

The Inn’s exquisite furnishings all come from Seret and Sons’ extensive show rooms, which opened in 1979 and remain just a short walk from the Inn. The Seret aesthetic has been instrumental in making Santa Fe an inspiration for cosmopolitan interiors that revel in color, celebrate culture, and provide a feast for the five senses.