All of the deeply luxurious guest suites are small worlds of their own — carefully planned oases of beauty and relaxation.  The rooms evoke a time when every object was made by hand, expressing the spirit of its maker.  All have wood-burning kiva fireplaces; some have private balconies. Nearly all feature king-size beds and restful sitting areas. Bedrooms, sitting rooms, and secluded patios are adorned with lush textiles and furnishings thoughtfully designed to offer all the comforts of home. The exquisite bathrooms are magnificent in their own right. Vivid with hand-laid tile mosaics, they invite soothing soaks by candlelight. Double sinks, deep soaking tubs, and separate showers are adorned with scenes in intricate, colorful tile. The bathing spaces have been carefully designed to nurture reflection and rejuvenation. Relax, and let the artwork take you to a contemplative place beyond the ordinary.