Seret & Sons

About Ira & Sylvia Seret

Ira Seret came of age amid the pop art scene of 1960’s New York. He made his first trip to Afghanistan in 1968 in search of the embroidered sheepskin coats that he would help turn into one of the iconic looks of the era. Having fallen in love with Afghanistan, Ira stayed for 10 years.

In 1974 Sylvia, joined him in Kabul, and together they established a carpet factory in the northern region of Balkh. In 1977 their son, Isaiah, was born and the following year the family left Afghanistan after a Russian backed coup took over the Afghan government. Drawn to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the high desert landscape and traditional architecture resembled that of Kabul, Ira and Sylvia established Seret & Sons to showcase their impressive private collection of textiles and furniture amassed during their years abroad.


Weaving Destiny

The Story of Ira and Sylvia Seret