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Experience the untamed gems of New Mexico with The Inn of The Five Graces and Heritage Inspirations. This luxury camping tour takes you into the untamed wilds of Chaco Canyon, ‘the Machu Picchu of North America’.


Informally known as ‘the Machu Picchu of North America’, Chaco Canyon is a hidden gem that is often overlooked due to the remote location of the site. With pre and post expedition stays at the Five Graces, meals, and a team meeting before your departure you can rest assured that all of your needs will be met for this amazing journey.

After your trip west you will reach our exquisite glamping base camp. Here, you will be treated to an array of seasonal multi-course gourmet meals meticulously prepared by our talented executive Glamping Chef, Josh Willette. Your accommodations will be far beyond the typical camping experience, featuring spacious canvas tents equipped with luxurious amenities including raised wooden bed-frames, memory foam mattresses, bedside tables, comfortable butterfly canvas chairs, plush rugs and enchanting southwest textiles. All the while, you’ll be surrounded by breathtaking remote scenery, providing you with the opportunity to explore a place steeped in prehistoric Puebloan mystery. Much like Stonehenge, this remarkable site boasts ancient structures that precisely align with the sun’s rays, casting their light through two northern doorways in Casa Rinconada during both the solstices and equinoxes.

This International Dark Sky National Park allows for the timeless practice of stargazing from our camp as we align our arrival with the New Moon. Enjoy a short moderate sunrise hike on Day 2 above our camp to watch the interplay of light and shadow on Fajada Butte and the ancient San Juan Basin.

  • Transport yourself into another world, at Chaco Canyon! This UNESCO World Heritage Site and National Park lies on top of the southeastern Colorado Plateau’s physiographic province in the San Juan Basin and had a diverse thriving culture from 830 A.D. to 1250 A.D. It served as the heart of spiritual and ceremonial practices for the Chacoan people.


  • a 15% discount on your 2 night stay at The Inn of The Five Graces (one pre and one post – to extend your stay contact reservations).
  • A pre-expedition drinks & discussion, hosted at Inn of The Five Graces private dining room and speakeasy, Bar Analco.
  • Travel, and all meals on your expedition to Chaco Canyon.
  • One night glamping hosted by Heritage Inspirations on April’s New Moon.
  • Tour of Chaco Canyon and other sightseeing expeditions.

*The Pre-Expedition dinner at The Pink Adobe is optional and thus not included in this price.

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