The EQUUS Experience®

The EQUUS Experience®

The EQUUS Experience is our flagship horse-assisted program for which we have gained international acclaim. Our award-winning personal and leadership development process, The EQUUS Experience creates conditions for joyful self-discovery and learning. The process engages an entire herd of equines, who are trained especially for this work. Through this unique partnership with horses and masterful facilitation by our ICF (International Coach Federation) Certified faculty, the EQUUS Experience inspires breakthrough learning in a joyful, meaningful, and powerful way.

Equine-Assisted Coaching & Learning Process

The process is a stand alone two-hour or four-hour program and is also embedded inside our day-long and multi-day retreats and workshops.
  • Leadership and right use of power
  • Trust in oneself and others
  • creating conditions for thriving
  • mindfulness and presence
  • boundaries & self-agency
  • connection to authentic self and meaningful purpose
  • accessing wisdom to inform your actions
  • how to inspires others
  • the power of intention
  • tapping into intuition & creativity
  • creating healthier relationships
  • how to attune to others
  • regulation in time of stress


When you invest in yourself, the return of that effort comes back to you in myriad meaningful ways. Spend time one-on-one with a trained coach professional inside a custom-curated process made just for you, in partnership with our EQUUS herd of horses to uncover new discoveries and liberate new possibilities for your life.


What if you and your partner could create an experience together that would positively impact your relationship for years to come? What if you were supported to create new possibilities together, to dream together, and to witness one another step into your powerful gifts?


Imagine a setting that highlights the connection, bond and shared legacy of your family? Imagine coming together in a context that supports you all to thrive as individuals, and as a family community. The EQUUS horse herd supports new insights inside a space that is safe, fun, joy-filled and memorable for all.

This Experience Is Very Limited. Please Sign Up Early To Secure This Opportunity.


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